Greetings and Salutations!

Hello everyone and welcome to Flora Glade, a personal writing blog dealing with a majority of poetry while dabbling in the style of prose.  While this isn’t a blog about gardening I’m sure I’ll end up with some works about gardening and flowers . Anyway, this blog is a personal blog so you can make it as you see it! No strings attached here. You can enjoy, comment, critic or anything else kept at a polite level.

I am just someone who has lost their muse in writing. Real life had gotten in the way and I can’t even enjoy reading for pleasure due to lack of time. However, I’ve decided to make time for the activities I used to cherish.  So you’ll find that I’ll be experimenting as well as doing some of the usual things I enjoy.

Thank you for looking at my blog and I hope you come back again!

Flora Glade