Descriptive Works

Descriptive works are often works with a time limit of just describing something, anything that pops int your head!


One thought on “Descriptive Works

  1. We had moved out to a fine house, a good sized house in a preferred area of town. Actually, it was not we at first; as I had the upper floor of the house to myself. Yet, one night the owner turned up with another man and his then girlfriend, and although I might have thot shortly that I had lost some of what I had there by having it alone, this gentleman, who moved in within days, his own bedroom and us sharing the 1st floor; we would later recognize that we suited and actually supported each other quite well.
    We would live in that situation for about three to four years, and it worked out very well. we had a good sized backyard, we had a deck out back on our floor as well.
    We had a crazy man living below us; but that’s another story for another day. We made out well and were good with each other regardless of the foregone statement. We supported each other thru times that we hardly realized were as bad as they actually were.
    I spent time in the backyard. I worked on n enlarged what had earlier been garden patches, I planted some beautiful yellow roses which did very well; and we did our best to ignore our noisy downstairs neighbours . . . I got plantings to grow well in the gardens and tended the fruit trees which numbered about a half a dozen; no, more, four apple trees, two to three pear trees, a plum and one Cherry tree which had been left to grow tall for too long, its fruiting branches were now too high up to sensibly deal with. we had a quality compost heating and doing its job in creating rich black loam.
    We were happy there, other than the madness of our one downstairs neighbour. he was truly something else.

    More another day if / who’s interested . . .

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