Writing is like taking care of a garden. First you plant an idea seed into your head, then you give it a little TLC and grow a beautiful wordy garden. Right now the garden in my mind has withered down and needs lots of TLC to grow again. It’s because of real life, school and work that cause me to teeter on the bring with my writing.

So this blog is a personal blog indeed for I am trying to find my own voice and blossom into a writer of my own accord.  It’s a struggle, believe me on that but I’m going to work on it. My goal is to post what I write, finished or not and try to explore different areas of writing.

In this blog you’ll find written forms of all kinds from poetic forms to prose. I enjoy writing poetry the most, I have won contests in my younger years due to my poetry but now that I am older it’s harder to write. Prose on the other hand is not my forte at all. I have no confidence in any form of prose but here I’ll only concentrate on shorter forms of prose such as flash fiction, descriptive and short stories.

Thank you for taking the time to overlook my blog. I hope you enjoy it!

~Flora Glade


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