Writing 101 #6: A Character-Building Experience

Note: Who’s the most interesting person (or people) you’ve met this year?

Twist: Turn your post into a character study.

Percival Hart, a residence of  Ravenscroft Village, a strange little town where he lives alone with only a cat for a companion named Cosmos. He is a ghastly pale young man that most people think is a ghost, someone who came from the grave to bore into their souls. However, Percival’s not exactly the most frightening man in the village, there are definitely others, but he is more lonesome than frightening. Whether it is because he’s never one to leave his home except to refill the fridge, or he’s not  interested in the outside world, probably that one at best.

He’s easily nervous around other people the only exception is his friend, well, if one would call him that. Zane Winters is the only one who can push Percival out of his house, well more like ransom him out of his house to get him to see the outside world. However, when Zane isn’t around Percival is content with being at home, reading in his chair by the fireplace. It’s one of the most comfortable things he can do.

Outside of his realm of comfort he has a lack of social skills since he doesn’t interact with people much. Including being able to talk to women in which he often stammers out his words. However, he has a big heart despite his lack of social skills and finds himself constantly solving mysteries in a town that supposedly is full of good-natured people. When one of his neighbors ends up dead, it shatters the whole village’s disguise.

After all, even Percy here has darkness in his heart, he just learned to fight it early. That doesn’t mean the secrets he’s buried deep within won’t come back out and swallow him whole.


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