Writing 101 #2: A Room With a View

Note: If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

The roar of the ocean as it crashed onto the gray beach
With shells so different from my home.
The magic of the town’s colored homes
Popped up like colorful flowers in a row.
Sligo, a place that felt like nostalgia
As if I had already been there.
When we left it to return home I knew
Then that someday I would have to return.
For the home was were my poet’s soul
Remind, sitting next to Yeats’ grave.
The wildlife that bloomed in the summer
That ended so quickly the day we left.
It was cold, but it was nice
And it allowed us to explore the world.
The world of Sligo was a passionate one
Where if you stopped for a second you’d have fun!
Ah, what I wouldn’t give to return to that place
I would enjoy it a lot longer than I did back then.
Relish in the beauty and the fun that we had
When we were in Sligo, Ireland.


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