Writing 101: Unlock the Mind

Note: To get started, let’s loosen up. Let’s unlock the mind. Today, take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write. Just write.

Keep typing (or scribbling, if you prefer to handwrite for this exercise) until your twenty minutes are up. It doesn’t matter if what you write is incomplete, or nonsense, or not worthy of the “Publish” button.

And for your first twist? Publish this stream-of-consciousness post on your blog.


Note: Excuse the messiness, but I posted it in all it’d unedited glory!

Autumn chill covers the ground, it falls through the leaves once alive in the tree. No sound is made but the crunch beneath as the world silently awaits for winter. The autumn season isn’t gone yet though, as it continues to brighten the world before fading into coldness. No, autumn has just begun it’s glorious rezendvous with the earth. It’s just starting to realize itself into a form of oranges, browns and yellows and even reds.

Yes, the world of autumn is a delicate one tht is short-lived before the long days of winter come. Even though the world is ready for spring after autumn’s waltz, that is nothing short of what autumn can be. Autumn is an amazing season full of delicious spicy smells, some sweet even. It is a time for delicious foods to be eaten. Yes, the season really does brighten itself with full stomachs during times of thanks.

A season that is hardly recognized, except for a short time as said. Halloween is usually forgotten by people, when the stores already have two weeks of Christmas set out. I am not sure wy they neglect Autumn so much for it is a season that I cherish. I truly enjoy autumn’s glory.

Even though it’s a chilly season, it doesn’t get as bad as cold in the winter time. I find myself wondering what Autumn has to do to make itself more appreciated by people. I wish more people would appreciate this neglected season tht while may not have enough to please the hungry greed of holidays and warmth of the sun, it definitely holds a place for itself.

It’s an artisti time of season that is full of color then fades into the shades of winter. I wonder why it is Autumn that gets pushed aside when I think Summer is only loved for vacation time. Summer isn’t my favorite season at all even if I do appreciate having time off. No, I truly love Autumn.

Drinking tea during the chill briskiness of autumn is a perfect time of relaxation when the whole world seems to be too much. Autumn is a time to slow down and enjoy the warmth of home. It is a time to ready for the end of the year by enjoying the middle of it in Autumn.
Pumpkins pop up during autumn with their brightly colored shells. Pies, cocoa and spicy cookies also seemed to flower into being when the cold chill of autumn blows it’s way in. Sure, it may not have much to offer in holiday presence with only Thanksgivign and Halloween, but they are just as fun as any other holday and offer delicious treats.

They also offer us times tobe with family. Something some fo the other seasons lack. Autumn is a time where we can settle down our bones and enjoy the ride into winter. Sure, winter is a long ways away right now but it is a time where one can enjoy themselves and the slowness.

Yes, autumn is my inspirational month that I enjoy. It gives me pleasure that the others lack. Sure my favorite holiday is St. Patrick’s day, but I am grateful to know that there are times in autumn where I don’t have to worry about an upcoming holiday. I can just enjoy the season without worry for the most part. Thanksgiving is really the most stressful thing to deal with in Autumn because ein Halloween’s defense I just enjoy the candy for myself. Hey, I bet others do it o!

In all seriousness Autumn is a season I enjoy down to the numbing cold that autumn holds on me. I like dressing up in my coats and pashmina, not cashmina. It’s fun to wear pretty infitnity scarves and watch as the leaves fall to the ground. Don’t forgot to jump into a pile of them! No one’s too old to do that!
I love autumn too because the world quiets down. Winter is when the world really quiets down but it is a time that I enjy for other reasons. Not as much as autumn though in which not everday is filled with a bitter bite. No, autumn has me going out more because I am not colliding with the heat and humidity of summer. After all, Autumn is the time when it transitions us from the extreame heat to the extreame cold. Yes. Autumn really is a lifesaver in both it protects us from heat and helps us prepare ourselves for the intruding cold to come soon.

I personally find myself watching the world of autumn closely I am amazed that such a colorful season is the one that goes into winter’s bareness. I find that it isn’t right for autumn to be the turn toward death while spring is the turn to rebirth. Why can autumn not have the respect that spring often gets? It may not have a lot of flowers in it’s path but it does have yummy root vegtables that we can eat in wonderful soups and stews.

It gives us more than I think people realize. The other three seasons are so big that autumn is often neglected for this. I find it sad because autumn has so much to offer! Did I not just point this out?

Oh well, I am certain I am being repetitive about autumn. But I just can’t help myself when ti comes to that season. So many good memories are filled in it that it outweighs the other three. Yes, autumn has givin me happy memories compared to some of the ones I’ve had in other seasons. I find myself leaning more toward the leafy season just for that alone.

We all have personal seasons we cherish, but I say give autumn a try! Just look around in the world of autumn before it all goes into the frostiness of winter. I know that it’s not going to be the most entertaining season t some but I think people do not look around autumn as much. Seriously, just go outside and look at the world of autumn. Watch it from a differen perspective thanusual. Enjoy the scenery that the world f autumn has to offer. Honestly I think people are missing outl I am sure I am not the only one who thinks that. After all, who knows what autumn has if you don’t explore it!

So go out today and xplore the world of autumn and find something good about a neglected season. Find something within autumn that makes you fele it is worthy of being a season amongst the four. It is not a drowsy season but an exciting one to step into! Enjoy the comfort and excitement of autumn. I know I find myself unable to shake off a giddy feel when autumn comes. I get so exited about it that it’s hard to ignore.

I will enjoy my autumn witout hesitation. I will revel in it. I will be one wih the leaves and fall with pleasure in this glorious season. I will.


5 thoughts on “Writing 101: Unlock the Mind

  1. Ill have to join them on the shorter side of things. But your minds voice is very formal, even in uneditted versions. Its very descriptive as well, which I guess suits you well as a creative writer.
    I used to write things more like this years ago, but Im just not as free thinking as you have the gift of being.

    Really nice. I look forward to what the next 4 weeks brings.


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